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iSupplier - eProcurement Platform

Welcome to iSupplies, an eProcurement platform, which belongs to iSmart P.C. iSmart is a continuously developing company which specializes in Informatics and the Internet, and is certified according to the ISO9001:2015 and ISO 27001 standards for software design, development and support.

The platform is used by both Public and Private Sector companies for the procurement of goods and services.

Some useful information:

  • Registration and use of the platform is completely free for all suppliers.
  • Suppliers may view new procurements either by logging in the platform, or by checking the email associated with the address provided at registration.
  • Suppliers should fill out their details carefully (especially their activities), in order to be invited to as many relevant procurements as possible.
  • Detailed user manuals are provided by the platform, for better and easier use. Suppliers are kindly requested to read them carefully.
  • Contact us for more information. (email: [email protected], 2103601671)