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iSupplier - eProcurement Platform

Welcome to iSupplies, an eProcurement platform, which belongs to iSmart P.C. iSmart is a continuously developing company which specializes in Informatics and the Internet, and is certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard for software design, development and support.

The platform is used by both Public and Private Sector companies for the procurement of goods and services.

Some useful information:

  • Registration and use of the platform is completely free for all suppliers.
  • Suppliers may view new procurements either by logging in the platform, or by checking the email associated with the address provided at registration.
  • Suppliers should fill out their details carefully (especially their activities), in order to be invited to as many relevant procurements as possible.
  • Detailed user manuals are provided by the platform, for better and easier use. Suppliers are kindly requested to read them carefully.
  • Contact us for more information. (email: [email protected], 2103601671)